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The sculpture in the Room of Arts

In contrast with the important cycle of frescoes by Zelotti, Villa Emo’s sculptural decoration is not particularly significant. It is limited to the main pediment’s gable made by the sculptor Alessandro Vittoria and to the statues in the front garden of the villa and under the barchesse

Alessandro Vittoria
(Trento 1525 - Venice 1608)

The sculptor, Alessandro Vittoria, was born in Trento but, as a young man, he moved to Jacopo Sansovino's workshop in Venice where he learnt his craft.  Thanks to him he took part in the prestigious decoration of the Golden Staircase in the Doge's Palace and realized the Cariatidi at the entrance to the Libreria Marciana. In the Venice workshops, he came into contact with the most influential people of the day, and thanks to his skill as a portrait artist, he became one of the protagonists of the artistic activity in the town with his stuccoes, and his marble and bronze works. He decorated the Grimani Chapel at San Sebastiano and created the statues for the altar in the church of Saint Francis of the Vigna. He also worked with Palladio on the decoration of Palazzo Thiene in Vicenza and of Villa Pisani at Montagnana. Vittoria is also attributed with the design of the stucco decoration and most of its realization in Villa Barbaro at Maser and the sculptures on the pediment of Villa Emo in Fanzolo.

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