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The garden we can see and visit today at Villa Emo is obviously not the original Palladian garden, that is the one that surrounded the villa in 1560, after its construction by Palladio. The documents available attest to the fact that there were four successive gardens from the building of the noble residence to the present day.

The ancient village of Villa Emo

Leaving Villa Emo and crossing the road we find a group of smaller buildings that all together form the ancient village; they develop in continuity in two wings towards east and west. The existence of these structures is documented for the first time in a 1677 site plan. Furthermore, on the basis of recent studies, it seems certain that the original design of the buildings on the west side of the ancient village is attributable to Palladio. Here are located all the facilities that complement the agricultural activity of the villa: farmers’ dwellings, barns, granaries and warehouses to store the harvest. Currently the east side of the ancient village is in a state of neglect and is awaiting restoration and conservation work as well as re-qualification. The buildings in the west village on the contrary have been restored and appropriately equipped; they are available to private individuals for parties, wedding receptions, sports and recreational events for local associations requesting such services.


For further information regarding the ecosystem and biodiversity of the whole estate of Villa Emo and the Energy sustainability of this UNESCO heritage site, please refer to the section ECOSYSTEM.

There is no certain documentary testimony to the original layout of Villa Emo’s garden apart from a brief description by Palladio himself in his famous treatise The Four Books on Architecture, where the architect states: Behind this building there is a square garden measuring eighty campi Trevigiani: in the middle a little river flows and makes the place very beautiful and enjoyable. Unfortunately in this brief description he does not give any details regarding the planting, the walks, the tree-...

In 1731 Giovanni Emo commissioned the measuring, listing and description of all the land he owned near Piombino, Fanzolo and neighbouring sites to the agricultural engineer Angelo Gattolini from Treviso. At present there is still a very big map of the massive work carried out, kept in the Emo-Capodilista’s archive at the villa which refers to the property owned by the Emo family at Fanzolo and the registration of the same. While the first one is a bird’s eye view of the family’s land with key (t...

The third chapter on the evolution of Villa Emo’s garden is dated 1868. A file of few pages for that year is kept in the Emo Capodilista’s archive bearing the significant title: A project for a garden and for soil drying, and inside it was The garden project by Cav. Negrin from Vicenza. The representation of the whole General Plan of the new gardens annexed to the villa in Fanzolo, owned by the very noble Emo Capodilista’s family, is the work of the civil architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin and wa...

Some photographs from the first years of the 1900s reveal how the garden, designed by Arch. Negrin, evolved. The 1900 photo by A. Charvet, published in the magazine Emporium and accompanying an article called A Venetian nobleman’s villa (La villa di un patrizio veneto) by Molmenti, shows the villa seen from the west barchessa. We can see that the west orangery is no longer there. In its place a large lawn or perhaps the oval flowerbed designed by Negrin for the symmetrical garden, extends in fro...

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