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After the purchase of Villa Emo had been finalised on 22nd December 2004, Credito Trevigiano decided to create an institution to help promote cultural initiatives linked to the management of the Villa, and to maintain both the property  and its collection.

So, on 25th July 2005, the Villa Emo Foundation was created and registered by means of an official document witnessed by the notary Marco Tottolo on the 29th July (notarial registration n.348). On 15th December 2005, the Villa was recorded as item n. 178 in the relevant register at the Prefecture of Treviso. The Villa Emo Foundation was created as a cultural, non-profit organisation (not  a banking foundation) and was placed under the supervision and control of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage which is chaired by the regional director for Cultural Assets and Landscapes and has a seat on the Board of Directors.

On 7th June 2011, The Villa Emo Foundation was listed at the ONLUS Registry Office  with effect from 26.05.2011.
The Foundation’s ONLUS status is a sign of the organisation’s social and charitable agenda within the community and it also entitles the foundation to important tax benefits if certain constraints and checks are met.

The Statute of Villa Emo Foundation ONLUS                                            


ONLUS Registration Act



The Foundation’s aim is the protection, conservation and  recovery of  the historical, artistic, cultural and environmental heritage, and, in a broader sense, the support of the land and the population. It is to this end that Villa Emo should be used; as a symbolic site of such cultural and socio-environmental activity and of any social relations involving Credito Trevigiano. (art.2 of the Foundation's Statute).


The Foundation is therefore not an external or added organisation to Credito Trevigiano, as most banking Foundations are, but rather a symbol of the bank’s social responsibility, aimed at promoting “social cohesion and the responsible growth of the territory in which it operates” (art. 2 of the Credito Trevigiano' Statute).

A responsibility which it also undertook starting from  2004 with the implementation of an EMS or Environmental Management System (adoption of the UNI EN ISO 14001 legislation and Emas regulation, first bank at national level).

The Foundation seeks to carry out study, research, documentation, promotion and intervention activities of social, historical, cultural, artistic and environmental importance , both directly and by organising conferences, meetings, seminars and shows.

Furthermore, the Foundation can purchase, hire, take in usufruct, manage and make use of the assets listed below, as well as commit itself to their conservation, protection and restoration.:


I - immovable and movable property of historical, archaeological, anthropological, environmental or artistic importance;

II – immovable property which, due to its strong connections to political and military history to literature, art and culture in general, is of particular relevance;

III – collections or series of items which by tradition,  fame and for particular environmental characteristics are of special  cultural, social, artistic or historical interest;

​IV – archives and books.



The Villa Emo Foundation consists of the following members:

Giuseppe Romano - Foundation Villa Emo Onlus (President)

Ivano Cescon - Foundation Villa Emo Onlus (Adviser)

Giorgio Lunardi - Foundation Villa Emo Onlus (Adviser)


Giuliano Calza - (Auditor)

Giuliano Giacomazzi - (Auditor)

Furthermore, the Foundation makes use of external personnel supplied by local social cooperatives to manage tourist reception and cleaning services. In 2014, the Foundation  introduced a work experience scheme in collaboration with some local schools, including the Cavanis Institute in Possagno and Martini Institute  in Treviso, the Domenico Sartor high school and the universities of Padua and Venice.



Vicenza is an exceptional artistic achievement on account of the many architectural contributes

by Andrea Palladio; they are incorporated in the historical fabric to which they  confer a characteristic sense of  unity/closeness. The Palladian villas, scattered in the Veneto region,

are the product of the architectural talent of this Renaissance master.
The different types of villa attest Palladio's constant experimentation

through the rielaboration of classical architectural models.

Palladio's work in Vicenza and in the Veneto region, inspired to classical architecture and characterized by an uncomparable purity of forms, has had a remarkable impact on architecture and town-planning regulations in most European countries and in the whole world; it gave rise to the Palladianism,

from the name of the architect, a movement that lasted for three centurries.


Based on these grounds in 1994 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) inscribed the buildings in the historical centre of Vicenza, which were designed by Andrea Palladio, in  the World Heritage list. In 1996 the same organization put under its protection all the Venetian villas built by Andrea Palladio in the province of Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Rovigo, Venice and Treviso.

Villa Emo is one of the 24 villas inscribed in this list together with 23 historical buildings in Vicenza which form / result in a touristic and cultural itinery of 47 sites spread across / located in seven of the eight provinces of the Veneto region.

The Villa Emo Foundation Onlus in partnership with the UNESCO office in the Municipality of Vicenza, representative of the serial site to which Villa Emo belongs, promotes activities for the protection and conservation of the site and tourism enhancement strategies for the benefit of national and international visitors.

Click here to see the certificate conferred on the site by UNESCO


See the list of the other Italian sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List


Villa Emo

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